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King’s Tart

Blister x3 semillas


Hay stock

LA Kush Cake x Bubba Slush

20%  SATIVA  –  80%  INDICA 

THC:  25,68%  CBD:  0,40%   CBN:  0,20%

LA Kush Cake x Bubba Slush

The effects are strong and body relaxing, it will slowly rise as you smoke until it reaches its peak by the end of your joint. The first flavour that will come in mouth on the inhale is the extreme sweetness and creaminess combination, with a touch of sourness too, and on the exhale the metallic and earthy notes will be more dominant and stay in mouth for a longtime, a beautiful and mouth watering strain.

Flowering Cycle: 7-8 Weeks
Yield: High
Average height: 120-180cm

Harvest: 3rd Week Sept.
Yield: 1000-3500/plant
Average Height: 200-350cm


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